Journey of writing

Journey of writing

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Some initial technique for beginners.


1.    Read...Read...Read...   Extensive reading is the key of effective writing. In the first stage of reading, read whatever you get. After developing a firm reading habit. At a stage you will start recognizing what is your special interest in reading, like mine is detective stories in fiction and autobiographies in non-fiction. You will learn about your reading interests and start recognizing your writing interests. Extensive Reading is a must for every writer.

2.    Decide your writing genre: After an extensive reading and exploring the subjects you will know what you want to write about. Like I prefer writing Memoirs and How to. Check out this to know more about what is your favorite writing genre 

3.    Write…write…write: Like extensive reading in the first stage, now in this stage you have to write extensively. Set a time everyday especially for writing, I prefer bedtime. Set you timer for 10 minutes or 15 minutes and then start free writing, just write. It will help you in building your confidence in writing. 

4.    Set your inspiration: explore an author of your genre, read him, follow his pattern and learn from his writings. Just follow his each step he does in his writing. If you feel that the author you are currently following does not fulfills your criteria, then change the author and start following another author, better suits your requirements. Just jot down every point you liked about all the authors you followed. This will help you in discovering your special pattern of writing.

5.    Set time everyday for writing: In the busy schedule of everyday life, no one gets special time for writing. So, take your writing tools wherever you go. If you read a book, jot down your favorite quotes, sentences, ideas etc from that book. If you go to a park and see an interesting banner, note down the quote. If you are talking to someone, he says something interesting, or your own thoughts, write it down. Use your mobile phone for writing them and at the end of the day write them down on your writing copy date wise. Now you can use them whenever you need. It will help you in coping writer’s block.

6.    Follow your heart: In the first stage of writing you need not to follow the basic rules of grammars nor attractive adjectives. Just don’t forget in the first stage of writing you are writing for you own self. So just write what you want. Each one of us is a wonderful thinker, but only some of us masters the skill of recording them on our writings.

7.    Write for websites: Write for websites like wikipedia or wikihow. Because such websites motivates writing, they have team to rectify your mistakes, they give you tips to improve your writing.

8.    Join a writing club online like, Becoming member at writers’ club help you to be surrounded by like minded people. Senior club members having better writing skills will help you in reviewing your articles and give you tips for improving your writings.

9.    Subscribe for writing newsletters to improve your writing: Subscribe for writing newsletters. You will learn important many things you can adopt in your writing.

10.    Reading group: if possible form a reading group to read your articles. Readers’ group consist of writers of same lever as you are in. Each member of the group reads others’ article loud among the group; each member make notes on the article and later discusses it to improve the article. 

Hope that helps, as it helped me. 


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