Lesson 1: The Fisrt Rule of Creation

Lesson 1: The Fisrt Rule of Creation

A Lesson by Burgundy Mist

Tips on how to craete a beautiful world to hold your endless stories in.


Lesson 1: The First Rule of Creation!

When creating a fantasy type world, it is important to remember some things.


-RULE #1: It has to make sense

Though it may be totally fantastical, It does need to make sense. Make it as crazy as you want, but keep in mind. Everything needs to fit together.

Ex.: If your world has no oxygen and there are humans living on it: you have to create some kind of circumstance in which life for humans without oxygen is possible. You could consider the following:


- maybe all the humans have some kind of oxygen tank that

they must wear all the time


- maybe a scientist craeted some kind of equal to oxygen,

something that works like oxygen that the humans can use


- maybe they grow certain plants that make oxygen for them


- maybe they have a special surgery taht they can get to implant

a new organ that makes oxygen out of the air that is on that planet


- ect. ect. ect. The possibilities are endless!!!




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