Fantasy World's

Fantasy World's

A Course by Avangeline

Hello. I love to write fantasy stories/books. So now I want to help YOU create a totally different world and galaxies. Like Alice in Wonderland for instants. You need to be inspired. Even the things people usually wouldn't notice in a made up world should be added, to make it more real and more detailed. Like clouds, trees, flowers, rivers, etc. You want this would to be real. That's where I come in. To make characters you also need inspiration. Who are they? What are they? All these things and MORE will be covered in this Course. When you are you can call me Miss. Delarosa. That literally is my last name. Cool huh? :) Hope you'll find everything you need here.



Creating Your World Creating Your World

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My penname is Avangeline Delarosa I love writing, drawing manga, and reading. I usually get my inspirations for stories from music. If you ever need help coming up with a story title or plot you c..