Creating Your World

Creating Your World

A Lesson by Avangeline

Starting your own world.


1. Start by imagining what basic kind of world you are envisioning, and what their lives must be like. This will help you shape the "feeling" of your world.

~ Is it a peaceful world? No wars or violence? Or is it a place that is crumbling, with crime and murder?

~ Who are they citizens? Create them, writehistories, cultures, living ways, weapons, food, education, governments, transport, magic maybe. Are there more than one race? Like mermaids or people that are half human half animal? What are the conflicts between different races?

~ Describe the cultures surroundings. Is it ancient China/Japan like? Maybe ancient or modern Rome, Egypt, England? What are their customs?

2. Think up a name for your world. You can change the name later if you dislike it later on. You can use your own name as a bias. Use the beginning of your name and add something on the end.

~ Use cool sounding words like Kiav, Rakh, something different and made up.

~ Names of cities in foreign countries can be used well. Maybe mash them up, example: Theblene, Chrisleigh, or something totally different.

~ Chose a name the reflect the inhabitants. Something soft wouldn't work for a warzone. If your world was occupied by Elves and Mermaids (or something), it could be something like Bliss or Kovina.

~ Make different countries with capitals. You can give them fancy names and make flags for them.


Transform the world. Decide what the landscape of your world is like. Where are the deserts? Where are the forests? The mountains? Water?

~ It could be a planet that is only desert, ice, water, or only forest. Maybe it's like earth but with other animals and people.


Wildlife of your planet. You can make a lot of wild life or very little. Vertebrates or Invertebrates? (With spine or without) Claws, Teeth, scales, fur, do they maybe have wings? Perhaps they have slim (Ew).

~ What animals do you people ride? Horses like Earth? Or birds in the air? Maybe dragons exist in your world. Make different birds like a half phoenix and half dragon. Or a half crow and half griffin.

~ Make an animal food chain. Who's at the top, middle, and bottom. Make the top of the food chain on Earth is at the bottom in your world. Where do the animals live? Underwater? Air? Underground? You could make an underwater animal be in the sky and a bird in the water. That would be cool.

~ What's their energy like?


History of your planet. After you know who lives on the planet you can start building their history.

~ Who created you world? (Besides you) Who's their God or Goddess. Are they good or bad? Are they using the civilians for selfish reasons? Are they helping the people?

~ What major events have changed the world? Is their past giving them a good or bad life? Did it bring them out of darkness and into life or vice versa.

~ Do they have a peaceful past? Or is it rebellious. Did their past help them in anyways? if so what is it?

6. What language will the people speak? Latin? Japanese? English? Or a language you made up? If so make sure they do not speak in the language the whole time or readers will become confused and uninterested. Only make it a few sentences in the beginning if they meet someone who doesn't speak their language.


7. Make maps for your world`s countries daily lives. What games can kids play? Is it hard work everyday and no down time? Which countries are poor and which are rich?  Also create different myths and rumors for each country. Make stories to tell the people to scare them, create fairy tales and imagine legends.


I hope this inspired you. Comment to tell me if this helped you in anyway or if it didn't. If you have anything you want added to this, feel free to message me and I will add it. The next lesson will be about maps. Best of luck!



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