Dwarven Names

Dwarven Names

A Lesson by Daelmaron

may help those of you having problems creating names for dwarven characters


First you will want to Imagine your character in your minds eye, and then you will want to imagine the culture behind him. Perhaps you are writing about a shield dwarf that is renowned for his skill in forging weapons among his clan or even among the entire dwarven race. A good dwarven name for this character could be Gehlir Blademaker

To start off, you will want to remember that some dwarven names are extremely similar to Human names, while others are nowhere near a typical human name.

Second thing about Dwarven names, their last name is generally the name of their clan, however a dwarf can earn himself a different last name through deeds done in combat or in festivity. Alot of these earned "last names" reflect either a great achievement that dwarf has made in battle, or something great that the dwarf did that helped further the dwarven race or their clan as a whole

As far as first names go you will find that dwarven first names often resemble German or Russian names in spelling and pronunciation, though they can also resemble Norse or Celtic names as the dwarven culture is largely based off of the Nordic or Celtic cultures from history, hence the reason that dwarves are known to be berserkers(which in history was a fierce Viking warrior that was near impossible to slay without taking heavy casualties to whatever force you had with you to assist).

Your best bet with dwarven names would be to look up typical celtic, norse, or german names and then rearrange the letters and characters in them until you get a first name that suits you and then create a clan name such as Ironfist or create a given "last name" for your Dwarven character based on deeds that he has done, something as simple as Elfkiller, Swordtracker, Ironsmith, or even Goodsmith would suit this purpose well, just have some imagination.

If you are truly struggling to create a name then I would suggest using
the name generator at the above link, but don't just take the names it gives you, take them and either rearrange one until you are satisfied with its spelling or combine several and then play around and rearrange the characters between them until you are are satisfied with a new name you create from that

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