Elven Names

Elven Names

A Lesson by Daelmaron

this should help those of you writing fantasy books with creating your elven names


First you will want to Imagine your character in your minds eye, and then you will want to imagine the culture behind him, perhaps you are writing about a Drow(Dark Elf) Wizard, then you will want to imagine a fitting name for a Dark Elf.

Once you can imagine the character and apply it into the culture you will want to try brainstorming some names that sound right to that culture, for example if you are writing about a Drow you could name it something like Rael'Ethon Fyrespear

Remember that Elves use alot of y's in place of their i's and that alot of their letters are switched around in words. Also remember that Elven names are rarely just one word, most consist of a single name split into 2 parts with a comma.

If you simply cannot think of a name then you can look up a name generator, but do not just take the name from the Generator, generate it and then write it down somewhere and play with it by rearranging the letters and other characters until you get a name that you are satisfied with that you think fits the character you are writing about

A good name generator I like to use when I struggle or just want to be lazy is 
I find that it usually gives you a good Elven name to start out with

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