A Lesson by Jamie-Lynn

The purpose of this course, and what I plan to teach.


  So, describing things, weather in poetry or in stories, is important. The poinr of descrining something is to bring the reader into it, so that they can feel, hear and see what you as the writer feels, hears and sees.


   My examples of descriptive skills stem from my love of adjectives, which I think personally are the most important part of descriptive writing. The examples here are just to demonstrate what I can do and are snippets of short stories i have written. If I suck and jsut think I'm good, please tell me and I'll get rid of this. xD


Example 1; Describing scenes

   The feel of those soft lips on his own chapped ones was exhilirating. They pressed tenderly against his as slender fingers fisted in the front of his cotton shirt, pulling their bodies closer together. He moved his lips slowly, experimenting and just feeling. He stumbled back, pulling the smaller boy with him and wrapped his muscular arms around the slim figure.


Example 2; Describing people

    Woven silk fell in auburn tresses to her waist, curling slightly. Long, charcoal lashes framed pools of sparkling emerald. Full, pink lips pulled into a dazzling smile, toothy and innocent. Light freckles were sprinkled over porcelin skin, across her high cheekbones. She was slim and short, her back straight and her shoulders back, holding herself proudly.


Example 3; Describing scenery

   Underneath a diamond sky, the sand was a dark tan. Footprints from the day seemed to disappear with the sun's light. Crystal blue waves lapped lazily onto the beach, leaving a foam trailing behind as the water was pulled back out to the ocean. Small shells dotted the sand, vanishing then reappearing as the salt water slipped over them. The salty air bit at his tongue, and the windless night was warm, humid. The waves created a strange melody as they crashed softly to the shore.


Example 4; Describing noise

   A garish shreik pierced the air, leaving a ringing in their ears.


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