A Foolish Heart

A Foolish Heart

A Lesson by Cold_Soul88

A person apologizing


 What is this feeling thats deep inside.
  I tried my best to hide the moisture in my eyes.
  As my mind lies to my heart.
  Saying I played my part.
  But how can that be if I'm left alone in the dark.
  Reminiscing off the past as I search for the answer.
  To the question that I repeatly ask.
  Assuming and accusing my love who am I fooling?
  No one of course,no one indeed.
  No one,no one but me.
  It's clear to see that I am the fool.
  For letting you go and watching you leave.
  Now my heart no longer belong to me.


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Posted 5 Years Ago

I believe that you wanted to add it into 'My Writing' and not the courses.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

this isn't a lesson about writing
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Added on June 15, 2011
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