First, Put pen to paper.

First, Put pen to paper.

A Lesson by Skib

I heard that inspiration doesn't come from a keyboard but when one has a pen in their hand... I am encouraging you to find a pen or a pencil and a simple piece of paper :)


Now that you have something to write with and on; we can go forward. 

This lesson is simple and everyone can do it, some of you may even have played this game.

Here is an example for those who have not.

Fortunately, the lost alien found a place to refuel.
Unfortunately, little did he know they were cannibals to his kind
Fortunately though not all of them were
Unfortunately most of them are :p 

And that it is, that simple ! Now you try :)


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Added on August 20, 2016
Last Updated on August 20, 2016

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