The characters

The characters

A Lesson by -cradle therapy-

How to get them down pat.


I know that when I write a story, the characters almost always look like they've popped out of a comic book. I want them to look like that, and I want others to see them like that as well. But how do you do that when you want an all-text novel? Well, there are a couple of techniques I use when I write. Here is one:




Follow these steps and you're sure to have others seeing the same as you.


1) Imagine how you want your character to look. Is heshe supposed to look daring? Timid? Their clothes can relay this message, so imagine what you want their garments to be.


2) Think of theme song that fits them. When I think of one, I listen to the lyrics, and I sometimes get an idea of how I want their facial expressions to be or something like that. Don't knock it till you try it!


3) ADD SPARKLES! Okay, lost? Let me explain: I add sparkles to my character's hair sometimes. With this, I can then decide "Hmm, if the sun hits them, how will they look? (if they aren't avoiding the sun, that is)" If the sun hits them, will their features be brought out? Add sparkles and make this desision (I think I spelled that wrong. :P) This will also decide if your character if visually appealing and can easily create fanservice.


4) Make them act like a manga character would. Manga characters grit their teeth and clentch their fists alot. Having your characters do that will get your visual across smoother. 


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Added on December 23, 2009
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-cradle therapy-
-cradle therapy-

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