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first of many lessons on 'From Blue writing', how to come up with totaly original Charicters out of the blue and a plot as you write.


Hello all! first off my style of writing is hard for people to understand so ill start off by explaining it to you, i come up with a plot as I write, i start writing on a simple snippet of inspiration and write, for me, an adventure comes to me as naturaly as sleeping, i can write for hours on end and not run out of plot, and i do it, through a prosess called freedom of choice, i take a character into a situation and I, as an actor, become that character and decide what i would do in that situation.


To be able to come up with completly new characters as im rolling is a completly different tale, it starts with the situation, what sort of person would enter in that situation? do i want to surprise the audiance? or do i want a typical, situation specific character to help becouse he can specialise in that particular situation? ok lets say im in a forest surounded by ninja's who are about to kill me, if i want to surprise my audiance i would throw a defenseless person in there to be killed aswell, or if i wanted to be saved i would have another ninja jump in and kill all the rest. after that i decide on looks, i have a short sentance of speach from the new character and then describe how he would look, say the new ninja takes of his mask and i can decide on a colour of hair and eyes, a nose type and lip colour aswell as skin, that is how i create a new character, but right at the start i must decide on an attitude for the character, is he cocky? nice? nasty? or is he calm? that must be apparent when building his history in the plot, and through the plot, unless your intending to reveal the history of a character, you must reveal some past story the character and you MUST build up a non hypocritical behavior for the character, unless you want the character to be a hypocrit.


thats all for this first lesson, be sure to wait for me to release another shortly.

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Agent 2814
Agent 2814

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