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If you're not a music person then there's no point in you going through this step.

Listen to some music and see how it relates to a character’s personality and how you can write more about that personality. I always have one character who’s the joker that never takes anything seriously, and whenever I want to talk more about his personality I tend to listen to upbeat All Time Low songs because they suit him/her.

Music isn’t limited to helping characters. If I’m about to write a very sad scene, I listen to any sad song I can find so I can get a feeling for the atmosphere. If I’m in a very good mood, my mind goes blank when it comes to writing something sad, and if I do write something it sounds very distant and doesn’t relate well to the event.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Music is also good for getting the two halves of the brain (the half that comes up with the new ideas, and the half that actually puts the words together into a story) working at closer to the same speed so they can communicate. (Yes, I know - not an entirely accurate explanation, but why alarm people with the science of it all?)
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Hi, I go to college so I pretty much only get to write occasionally in my free time...I don't think I'm a very good writer, and I know I don't include enough detail in my work, so I usually have to go..