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The Golden Compass

A Lesson by Sylvia E. Lioness

What do you think about the His Dark Materials Series by Phillip Pullman?


His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman

This book, this series actually, was quite a good series. Now obviously, this is my personal oppinion on this book. Everyone has their own thought and likes and that's their right. So I'm asking you guys...


1.Have you read the series?

2.Why did/didn't you like it (or read it)

3. Why you did/didn't like it


Ok. Here are my answers:


1. Yes I have read the whole series.

2. I read the sereis because I didn't get to see the movie. My mom got me the first book. When i first began to read it I didn't like it. I set it down for a while and just picked it up about five months ago. I was craving for more after the first book and eventually, I bought the series and finished it.

3. I did and didn't like it. (I know, sound weird right?) The last book was too descriptive. There wasn't enough action and dialouge for my tastes. It also does have a touch of religion, but the slight religious aspect is barely noticible and i don't think it really affects the story. 

I like the story because the sereis was well put together. The author could have stopped after the first book, but he didn't and the completel fantasy, thrill, and twist of romance in the last book is very nice. You never really knew how the book was going to end or continue on. That's what's really nice about it--the author keeps you guessing.


Now what do you guys think?


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