Types of Humor

Types of Humor

A Lesson by LadyKarma

Just me chatting words of advice of adding some humor to your writing. Just some food for thought.


Some Types O' Funny



"Well aren't you a ray of sunshine."

Some people say it's for the least creative minded but I disagree; sarcasm can be the best and most effective type of humor used at the right time. Though it can also be easily placed just to lighten a dark conversation between characters or nervousness. Easily placed sarcasm is good for witty quips and giving your reader a little smirk whilst reading. Don't get me wrong, I use easy sarcasm all the time but, sarcasm can make jaws drop if you use it to its full power. To be funny with sarcasm, be bold and make the implication your character is portraying so obviously the opposite of what they mean for full effect. A sneaky character can also use sarcasm for fake sucking-up to another person. (Ex; in the Mortal Instruments, Jace is often seen to use kind and charming words towards the Seelie Queen, though he makes it clear that he has anything but admiration for her.)


*sweats nervously*

This is a very broad humorous device and one that I absolutely love to use. That's right from watching Spider Man 3 to making eye contact with a person you sort of know, we all can relate to this device. While writing an awkward scene can be just as awkward as experiencing one, it's really all just good fun. (Personally, I love making my characters uncomfortable.) There is always something comical about being awkward. If you feel awkward writing it, you're doing it right. While this is my favorite type of funny, I'm not going to say much right now since we all really know what it's like and it can be self-explanatory(Maybe I'll write an article on this aspect alone another time.)



"mother-bleeper, blank-sucker, bloop-breath, etc." 

The key to use swearing as a humorous device is WHO says it; WHEN/WHERE was it said; and  WHY the character is using this word. It's always funny when the least expected character to curse actually does just snap and slips a cuss. That's right, modest characters, young kids, even religious persons screaming an obscenity are bound to crack a smile. Sometimes though, a character just muttering a profanity under their breath can also be just as effective. Cursing isn't a necessary aspect. If you're uncomfortable writing it, maybe just put it down for then and if you reread the scene only to still feel uncomfortable, then don't do it. Don't be afraid to push your own boundaries though.









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