Haiku and Senyru Examples

Haiku and Senyru Examples

A Lesson by Dinesh Sairam

Specimens of some good classic and modern Haikus and Senyrus.


This course is technically finished. This chapter will contain examples of some good specimens of Haikus and Senyrus. The next and final lesson (Hopefully) of this course will contain Haiku prompts.

I can only hope you have some idea of what a Haiku exactly is, and feel happy to have shared this interest with you. Haiku is after all, as an old Japanese saying goes, "Beauty, for its own sake."

shopping parade—
people step over
the broken cassette
Annie Bachini.

after our argument
on the future of haiku—
the wind in the pines
Brian Tasker.

evening sun—
the shadow supporting
its small leaf
Caroline Gourlay.

warm rain
within the courtyard
scent of lillies
David Steele.

Covered with the flowers,
Instantly I'd like to die
In this dream of ours!

through the window,
a bird made of sunlight
keeps pace with our train
Frank Williams.

weighing down the night—
the empty side
of the bed
Gary Hotham.

No sky
no earth - but still
snowflakes fall

returning home
I unlock
the quiet
of my life
Helen Robinson.

Right at my feet -
and when did you get here,
Kobayashi Issa.

From a bathing tub
I throw water into the lake -
slight muddiness appears.
Kawahigashi Hekigodo.

Bad day ahead
I spread honey
to the far corners of my toast
Ken Jones.

Night, and the moon!
My neighbor, playing on his flute -
out of tune!

He says a word,
and I say a word - autumn
is deepening.
Kyoshi Takahama.

After killing
a spider, how lonely I feel
in the cold of night!
Masaoka Shiki.

In the cicada's cry
No sign can foretell
How soon it must die.
Matuso Basho.

You rice-field maidens!
The only things not muddy
Are the songs you sing.

Green frog,
Is your body also
freshly painted?
Ryunosuke Akutagawa.

new year's day
only the wind
comes to my gate
Stuart Quine.

Something tells me
This is home—
Perhaps the mountain pigeon
Cooing in the pines.

four weeks old
and you've already outgrown
your first set of clothes
how I wish I could stop time
just for a moment
Vanessa Proctor.

Coolness -
the sound of the bell
as it leaves the bell
Yosa Buson.

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