Identify your problem

Identify your problem

A Lesson by sorry my friends....

This is the first stage, id your problem with the horror genre


Ok, there is no one on earth who can help you with this part but yourself.


1. You have to identify your problem, if all your charaters are dead but one by the third or fourth paragraph, then your problem is obvious, you like to kill your charaters. If your problem is that you can't seem to find a way to kill your charaters at all, then your problem is that you need a little inginuity and inspiration. Or maybye you have everything right, but the way you describe their deaths is clehe and or not sounding like you intended.


2. Once you ID your problem, it is then your job to fix it, but how? Let's use the example of the inability to kill charaters,  If you can't kill a charater, try something a little out of charater for your killer. A fine example of this would be in the brand new Friday the 13th movie where Jason used a Bow instead of his usual methods of cut to kill. It may sound a little strange but it makes your killer a little unpredictible, and, could also help you with creating a way to give your killler just a little depth.


3. Now, don't get carried away with making everything out of charater, that can only work once, and is often changed when another even better Idea creeps up to take its place. If your writing a sci-fi horror mix, then dont use magic or some crap as a scapegoat. It wont help you in any way whatsoever, unless your charater has that ability to do that in the first place.


4. Please for the love of GOD, don't use a blunt death! Dont have your killer just appear out of no where and stab that random blonde in your story to death. Its used way to often and will often loose your reader in the realm of bordeom, left drooling on their chairs like a dead zombie awaiting  a protagonist to rip his head off.


That's all I have for now, Ill be typeing another lesson next week called "KEEP IT ORIGINAL" 


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Posted 7 Years Ago

Hahaha. I find it so freaking funny when someone stabs the random blonde! This was a really good one, I hardly ever find one that's good!

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Posted 8 Years Ago

oh dude this totally helps thnx
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