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How close are your villain and hero, really?


Your villain should be your hero's shadow. Period.
Your villain be everything your hero hates, everything that (s)he believes is vulgar, disgusting... It's a given right?
But think about this, your villain should be able to, under the right circumstances, make your hero BECOME the villain. Under the right pressure, in the right situation, your hero should feel obligated to be become everything (s)he hates. Your villain is your hero's dark side--still apart of her/him, but lying dormant. 
Here's an example. 
Snow white was very beautiful, in fact she WAS the fairest, but her Step-Mother acted upon how beautiful she was and was extremely vain and cruel. If, under the right circumstance, or if Snow White had embraced her beauty the same way her Step Mother had, she would in fact be the villain.

In reality, your hero isn't all that far from your villain. In the last exercise, did you note how your hero's opposites and your villains opposites were very similar. SO, even though you are comparing opposites, they are the same (if you can wrap your head around that)

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