Emotion! Or Removal.

Emotion! Or Removal.

A Lesson by Robert Dees

This is for the people who want to know how to make their poems more or less emotional.


All right, let's get to the point. You don't want to sound like a toneless ninety year old man on his deathbed. Unless you're going for that sorta vibe, you want to sound a certain way. You can get that emotional feel with good powerful verbs. You can get the removed feeling by using pronouns and very vague word choice. 
Emotional example:
I yanked my soul,
the glassy future shattered,
as dull as coal,
to the ground I clattered.

Removed ex.:
They swayed through,
'til it was the sound,
of all things I knew,
and they were homeward bound.


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Added on March 23, 2015
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Robert Dees
Robert Dees

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