Starting Your Book

Starting Your Book

A Lesson by Ryan Henderson

This lesson will be on how to start your book!


Hello, readers and writers alike! If you are reading this guide, then you must have an interest in the noble art of writing! For that, I commend you!

Okay! So, the first step to starting your book is to think of an engaging storyline. Think of what you want your book to be about. Essentially, think of an idea, a rough design of what you want your book's storyline to look like (be advised, this 'rough design' of yours is subject to change! You can change your book as many times as you want until you have the storyline that is right for your book!) I was this way whilst writing my books, they have changed so much over the years, and now they are almost at their true potential!

Tips for thinking of a storyline: Listen to instrumentals music, it is very calming, and does wonders to help you think! Be original! Do not plagiarise! Be creative! Think of a storyline that is completely unique to YOU and YOUR story!

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Added on November 14, 2014
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Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

I will review your work if you send me a read request, I like to help writers get off of the ground, I will also suggest ideas for your work if needed. Please note that I don't really like poetry...