Want to know how to start writing your book?

Want to know how to start writing your book?

A Lesson by Cristina Istrati

First steps in writing your book!


Dear Author-to-be,

I am sure that you`ve grabbed the pen, for many times, being really ready and determined to start writing your book. You were so excited and happy about it but once in front of the white sheet, you stopped. What happened? What went wrong? The thought of not knowing from where to start froze you? I know, it can happen to every writer. As a matter a fact, I bet that only the experienced authors are saved from this unpleasant step in their lives.

Nevertheless, this doesn`t mean, that we, as “newly arrived” in this field, have to put up with this “phenomenon”. Absolutely not! I did some research, added my own experience to it and… voila! The first steps you need to consider when writing your book are here! Be careful, though! Once you read them, you might want to write not only one book, but two, three, four….!:-)

So you want to write a fiction book, non fiction, a mystery, a fantasy, an autobiography: Whatever you want to write, all you have got to do is sit down and write it but when you do sit down to write, don’t ever worry about editing, don’t worry about misspellings, don’t worry about any of that kind of stuff. We`ll handle that later. Now, first thing is first:

How To Get Started

Often, getting started is the most exciting and interesting part of writing a book. In order not to get stuck on a difficult part, go ahead and skip anything that causes you trouble and write out the easy parts first.

Writing a book is just like any other business: you need a plan. The plan in this case is going to be an outline for your book. A well drawn outline will help you focus on your total project.

Outline Your Story Or Information (depending on whether it`s fiction or nonfiction).

For fiction book writing, you need an outline of your plot, when to introduce your characters, the narrative path of the story… that is, what’s the beginning of the story, what’s the middle of the story and what’s the ending of the story all placed in the chronological order.

For Non Fiction Book Writing: The same applies! Organize your information into a

logical and useful order – and believe me when you put down all your titles, your chapters titles, that is a great way to start and then you just fill in the blanks. It helps keeps it all in order so you don’t have to go back and start searching for where this belongs or where that belongs.

Once these are done, you can go from there. As you get more into the writing, you can go back and revisit the challenging parts. You may also find yourself making changes to the storyline as you write.

Since most people who make a living writing start out doing it as a hobby, it should be something you enjoy. You should be enthusiastic about writing your book. Remember that if you’re not interested in what you’re writing, your readers won’t be either!

Write About What You Know

You should stick to writing about things that you know. If you want to write about a topic that you’re not familiar with, it’s going to take some research. Most writers do extensive research on their books before they begin writing them. This gives the finished work depth and makes it realistic.
It needs to be accurate and factual. You can do your research online using the Web or offline using books and magazines. You may also interview people with firsthand experience or expertise in your book’s subject matter.

Editing, Formatting and Publishing

The tasks that await after your book is finished are not nearly as exciting as writing the book itself. You’ll need to take time and great care to edit. The purpose is to make sure that it flows well and is error-free. You then need to format the book and design the cover. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to publish!
These are, let`s say, the first three steps when it comes about writing your book. Once you apply them correctly, they can be very effective and helpful. Follow them carefully and before you`ll know it, you`ll have your book written and ready to be presented to its readers.

If you  want or need more information about how to write your book, you can always go to my book writing guide- I`ve decided! I want to write my own book! You can find it at :

To Your Writing Success!


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Cristina Istrati
Cristina Istrati

Bucharest, Romania

Cristina Istrati is a published author, passionate about helping aspiring authors get their message out by helping them write a book and get published. She lives in Romania(Bucharest). She wrote ..