1 point of publishing on sites like on W. C.

1 point of publishing on sites like on W. C.

A Lesson by WRITER-----------POET

Pulling mirror on all writing communities


If you really want to honest opinion about writing. No waste time here or any other sites. Send your work to magazines or publisher. First of all people here are not professional critics or writers. Attend local writing group , became active member to contest by professional magazines etc. No body here really care about what you are writing . People just care about own personal writing. They also think they writing is best then anyone else. Publishing online is very tricky . I you want to publish book or collections of stories or poetry . Now you have to became more less then writer. Even have to pay for editors. In this way old fashion publish is much better. Publisher even make propagation your work for free. You can even pay for it. Also when you send your work to publisher this people will really care what you writing. They don;'t give you crap , like this is so amazing you got really talent. How I can read here every day on every account. If you are not accept this not mean your writing sucks. This means work on it harder. All famous writers became famous cause they never stop write and always tried to do new things. My advice if you think you are ready no waste time here do it now. But if you are interest to became famous here i give few advice in next lesson 


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Added on October 19, 2017
Last Updated on October 19, 2017
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