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This is the introduction to this so called "course". It's just a welcome and basic stuff.


Books. You can buy them almost anywhere and anything that is published is read by at least one person out in
the real world. How many books have you read in your life time? If your not an alien, then you've read at least a couple. The truth about books is that someone has to buy them at one time or another. True story, very true story. In the past week I have bought or gotten at least seven books and my twin has read two or three. It is not a lie that books are read all the time around the world. I am here to teach you about things like length and how to learn more about your characters and bring your book to life for a reader. Get on board because whoever reads this course will most likely learn something that they did not know.
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I am 14-years-old. I find inspiration all over the place: memories, ideas, things I notice. I like believing in things that others find impossible. I think that's the way I hope for a better future. ..

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