The Very Basics of Writing Anything

The Very Basics of Writing Anything

A Lesson by Ethereal Melody

A few words on improving the general write


When writing anything, the Title, and even the way it is written matter just as much as the words themselves.

The title catches your eye first. Pick something halfway original, try to refrain from using already overused subjects. Turn the whole poem into a word or phrase that somehow captures it's essence from your unique point of view. It's always a good idea to make sure that not too many other people have the same title for something they've done. A good way to check is to Google your potential title. 

Grammar and Spelling: 

The grammar is not so important, Spelling however, holds a lot of weight. Reading a poem, misspelled words can throw a reader off, or disrupt the flow of your write, even discourage someone from reading anything further if it irks them enough. Capitalization of first words in poetry is not so important unless like some writers it looks more professional to you. Also, if you spell "Hear" As "Here" or use the wrong "Too" Or "You're" Or "Their", it could completely change the whole stanza or paragraph, especially if the reader cannot tell what it is supposed to say. It really isn't important, however, to know that every sentence SHOULD contain a Noun, Verb, And Adjective and that a pronoun describes the Noun, what a preposition is, ETC. You can even start a sentence with "B-b-b-b-b-b-BUT" and probably not lose that many readers. 

Appearance and Flow

This is the only part where grammar really matters. A comma indicates that a reader should pause in reading, as does a break, or space between lines. This changes the flow, or way something is read, just like a rhyme does. Things are read the way they are seen. This can also change the mood, such as if something is spaced in a way that a reader is compelled to read quickly, they are not going to feel sad or thoughtful. Be careful.


I'm not talking about Latin and Greek, or even French. I am talking about the individual words. You don't need to write in a different language to write well, in fact, it's quite easy to write a suckish poem in another language, especially if you use a translator. Using words that are bigger, like "Slim" or "Petite" instead of "Skinny"  Or " Soulless Abyss" instead of "Dark Hole" will change the mood of the work and greatly affect the way it is read. More sophisticated language works in a way similar to adjectives, lesser language may sound elementary, or like a rap. It's all about what you want your reader to come away with. 


Imagery is when you use adjectives or descriptive words to embellish or decorate, or to help something stand out, make more of an impact. The Sun, the {Red Hot} Sun. Which stands out more? Imagery oft makes a poem much more appealing, and an interesting write as well. You want to engage the minds eye. 

Author's Notes:

If you have to explain what your write meant in the Author's note in order for it to be understood, that's bad. There's no point in creating the write then. You might as well just publish a story about your life experiences. Read your poem over, and see if you can tell what you were trying to share just from that. If not, it's time to change something. Regardless of how the write is interpreted, someone needs to be able to understand it. 

Just Write:

I often find that my best writes are the ones that are just suddenly there, not the ones I plan, but the ones that hit me as I start writing something else, transforming my poem, or the one that has you searching frantically for a napkin or pen as somebody says something completely normal, yet strikes your muse with brilliant inspiration.  The ones I plan on writing often take days for me to finish, and aren't always as good as my norm.  Write exactly what you feel, or if you don't have the time, put down a Quick outline or guide for later. Write on your notepad The Subject of the poem, The Mood, and the key words that entered your mind when you think of it. That way the idea will still be there later even if you don't finish it just then.  


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