Major Roles

Major Roles

A Lesson by MoonlitAngel

Main Characters and who they are.


Who is the main character? What is their part in the story? Make a list of who your main characters are, and then a couple of main points that will eventually come into the story later. Say youir characters favorite color is blue. Is that important? Will you need that information later?


You will want to put hair color, eye color, age, pregnant*, siblings, husband/wife* and anything else that might be important. Build your characters in a few simple words, so you have something to base your story on, when you can't remember if they had a brother named Joe or something to that effect.




*= depends on what your story is about wether you will need this or not.

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Posted 5 Years Ago

I believe that main characters should be more complex then just a few words...but to each their own and we must find our own I not right? I find my characters in the world around me and my own imagination, lurking in a corner. You give some good advice...

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Posted 6 Years Ago

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