What Makes Your Story Happen

What Makes Your Story Happen

A Lesson by MoonlitAngel

Goal, Motivation, Conflict.


The goal of the main character(s) is to find the necklace before the villian does.


The motivation of the main character(s) is that if the villian finds it before they do, the world could end in Death.


The conflict for the main character(s) is people they would run across would discourage them from continueing, because they were destinied to fail such a journey.


Those are just examples of what a book could be. You will need to sit down (possibly with your note cards) and write the goal of your main character, the motivation, and the conflict. Now, this is the goal, motication, and conflict (GMC) that gets the book to keep continueing. What about the character? Why do they keep going? Is it because they want to make someone proud? Because they want to prove something to themselves?


The personal goal of the main character(s) is to find new adventures, and learn everything they can possibly learn in one lifetime.


The personal motivation for the main character(s) is to find true love and happiness.


The personal conflict for the main character(s) is that everyone in her past life have always told her that there is no such thing as true love, there is no such thing as magic, there is no such thing as the dreams she's always wanted. 


Same story, but different GMC's, because we are now looking at it from the character's point of view, for why they are continueing with the dangerous journey. 

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Posted 2 Years Ago

The McGuffin, as Hitchcock would say, is what the characters are looking for, or is driving the story. In some cases it don't matter what the McGuffin is, just so it movies the story.

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Posted 4 Years Ago


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Posted 5 Years Ago

all of your chapters really helped! thanks so much for this advice.

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Thanks for writing this. This helped so much!!!
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