The Basics

The Basics

A Lesson by panheadpigments

The Basics in Freewriting.


1) Clear your mind - That's the first step. Of course your mind is probably jumbled and your free-writing to help focus, but just take a second to breathe and relax. Maybe even turn some quiet music on.


2) Get your supplies -

      A timer: This is optional. But you sould use one so your not free-writing for hours (Unless that's whaty ou want.). So set your timer for about 30 minutes (Or more. Again this is totally up to you.).

     Writting materials: I freewrite with a black pen, and have a highliter or red pen close by. I think the colors help me think of somthing else, and you can hightlight good ideas or notes.

     What to write on: I have a actual free-write journal,(You can get cheap ones at Wal-Mart for like 99 cents) but you can just use a spare sheet of notebook paper. Or you can use a computer to type a freewrite.


3) Write! - GO! Just write anything. Literally. Anything. I could be "Bacon" to "I can't think of anything to write." Just as long as your writing. Don't worry about spelling or neatness or puctuation. Example:


'i can't of what to write. cheese ugh ugh ugh ugh napkins table free-write gloves pants pen pen pen pen ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ummmmmmm period chairs NCIS ziva table pen peaches Etch- a - sketch swirls bag stuff green slowly..."


See? Anything that comes to mind. Oh! And see how I wrote 'ugh' and 'pen' alot? Well that is a great idea to do. If there is something on the table that you think of, repeat if over and over again. Eventually you'll tink of another word to write.  And not that your rushing, but you want to write fast. So the words aren't being filtered, just thinking, flowing. Word puke.


4) After the freewrite - I normally put the date at the top of the page. So i can remember the time I did the free-write. Whatever you want to put at the top. I normally to this - WORD VOMIT ~ 6/2/2011 (Whatever the date is). Then save it where you can get it for inspiration.


There you have it.

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