Find an Influence

Find an Influence

A Lesson by Caleb White

Influencial people in your life.


If there are any influencing people in your life? If so, ask them about their life. You may just get something good. All of the famous writers and authors had some kind of influencial person in their life. Or maybe it's not a real person. Maybe it's a book character that's already been created. I know one influencial person in my life. Martin Luther King Jr. He was someone that taught me to never give up. Also, the quote 'a thousand mile journey begins with a single step' quote has taught me that whenever I'm out of ideas in my writing, I still have a lot more steps to go.

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Added on May 24, 2014
Last Updated on May 24, 2014

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Caleb White
Caleb White

Jackson, MI

I love writing.