Lesson one

Lesson one

A Lesson by Sydney Dreama

Just a little chat about writing a screenplay


The first thing that we need to go over in lesson one is that writing a screenplay will not get you fast money or good money. There are tons of people out there writing screenplays and trying to sell them. So if you want to do it you have to do for a good reason because you'd be better off selling mary-k make -up than writing a screenplay. 
But let's say you love movies or have an idea that you can't get out of your head. Those of 2 really good reasons to sit down and try to write a screenplay. Now I might not be great at writing a screenplay but I feel that all of you here on writers cafe should know a little more about screenplay writing before you post your first try at writing one. 
The first two things that you should do if you want or have any interest in writing a screenplay is to 
1. Watch lots and lots of good movies. All kinds. I find that indie films tend to be better written so load up netflix and watch. 
2. read lots of screenplays - because screenplays are NOT novels. lets make that clear. There are lots of places to read scripts free online. Script o-rama is pretty good but I feel that the best is IMSDB .

Once you are have done or in the process of one and two you can start writing screenplay.


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Added on September 15, 2013
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Sydney Dreama
Sydney Dreama

I'm a young artist who is just trying to get through each and everyday. Writing is how I let go of my troubles and relive my joys.