Fake it

Fake it

A Lesson by IreneMay Nya

lies, wrong use of language, bad decisions, inappropriate dialect, etc.


When you lie, think about it:
Would you rather be caught red handed lying and be trusted by no one?
or would you rather tell the truth and be known to have a greater chance at life?

When you cheat, imagine:
Your cheated on spouse, whom really adores you, finds out the hard way, and lets you down hard.
The person who you're cheating with, is only using you. Which hurts the most?

When you curse every second:
Do you think you're cool? Do the people around you think you're pretty awesome?
Or do you look like an idiot, and sound annoying?

When you do bad things:
What are the consequences? Are these choices worth making?

When you misuse your dialect:
Are you judging how everyone else wants you to judge?
Or how you truly say what you think and believe.


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Posted 6 Years Ago

good stuff for start the reflection,think before doing.
we should look ourselves before we assess people.
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Added on January 30, 2012
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