Your Planet

Your Planet

A Lesson by Hatesmondays

In this part you will write yourself into a lot of corners. Be warned!


Your Planet

1. What plants? Make sure these plants have the functions to live on your world. Research what types of plants can survive what environments. Or just make up your new plants that follow the guidelines. You may choose to have no plants at all! But make sure there is still a way for the inhabitants to get food. And be careful. I see that a lot of times people have their inhabitants eat meat from herbivores. Make sure all animals have food, or they will go extinct.

2. What will your terrain be like? Is it rocky, with jagged peaks, or is it smooth, like a beach? Again, make sure your inhabitants have means to survive whatever environment you put them in.

3. How cold is it here? Is it super cold, like Pluto, or is it hot, like Mercury? Remember; don't kill off your inhabitants.

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