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   First things first, when creating anything, you need imagination. Everyone has imagination, whether they admit it or not. Imagination is used in every day things, every single type of thinking or doing. Without imagination, in my personal perspective, everyone would pretty much just cease to exist. Or we would all just be naked, stupid organisms.
   But, in order to be a creator (in this case, a writer), that imagination needs to evolve. You have to go beyond the basic example of imagination and create your own imagination. Ironic? When making a story, you are the higher power. You ARE, before anything else IS. You have to decide, using your imagination, who you want in your world, what you want in your world, if this even takes place in a world, etc. The biggest problem is creating things other people haven't already created. Technically it isn't our fault, since we weren't born at the age of literature. But we still have to try.
   You can always take off of someone elses imagination, because undoubtedly, it's hard not to when so many wonderful ideas have been created, but not fully explored. As a creator, it is your duty to be able to explore those unknown ideas that no one else has yet found. Besides, it's always a great feeling when you find a loophole in an already built dream that you can twist and turn to make your own. Of course, no plagiarism please. The greatness in creating is discovering and creating your own, not finding someone elses work to make your own. What's the satisfaction in that?

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