Creating your character

Creating your character

A Lesson by Hikaru

Creating what YOU like


Think about what you're character is going to look like how there gonna act. I find it easy to write down hair colors and eye colors and then genders do a compare and contrast, what looks the best to you? Blue eyes ,black hair, boy (my favorite).
Thank you can say if the have long hair and short hair highlights or lowlights. It's all back on what YOU like.

Then you can move on to their personality. Are they smart? Pretty? Handsome? Sarcastic? Do they use humor to deflect how the feel? I know I do. Do the same thing compare and contrast to what you like the most.


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Added on March 24, 2016
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I have brown hair, love books, nebulas and love story's. (Books and writing!) I'm over eighteen (pretend to be) and I also spell a TON of things wrong and I live in California. And if you need a frien..