The beginning

The beginning

A Lesson by Jocelin

This is the beginning of making your parents happy. The first three steps into it. Hope this works like magic on your parents. Good luck :D


Are your parents kind of mean to you? Do they always act all unhappy all the time? If they do then you need my help. Hello, my name is Sayuri Ayu. I've learned that parents need lots of love... just like we do. So the first step of making your mom, dad, or both happy is to Do what your told without asking why. Most of us kids don't really want to do what our parents tell us to do. I don't really either but if you don't do it and whine it's gonna get you somewhere... yea it's called in the ground or (grounded). Nobody likes being grounded. No tv, no computer, no fun. The most important thing that you have to remember is... when your parents tell you to do something they are teaching you and preparing you for when your a grownup. Let's just say your parents did everything and all you did was NOTHING all day. When you grow up all your going to do is NOTHING, and your parents aren't going to be there for you do do everything like take out the garbage, do laundry, clean your room, or just to simply sweep the floor. It's not that hard either. So remember that the FIRST STEP IS TO DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD.
 The second step is called be attitude proof. Are you that kind of person who wants what he or she wants right then and now? If you are good luck with that because that is what parents HATE the most. They don't hate you they hate your ATTITUDE. Now your attitude it like an evil superpower against your good superpower parents. And you know what that means... the good always wins so the parents ground you. So say your parents said that your going to have to go to the store before playing with your friend and you say. Come on Ma! They HATE that so much they just want to scream out their brains. But they don't because they know your just gonna whine even more. Nobody can deny that they whine because EVERYONE does it everyday to their parents.  If your parents say that you need to go somewhere that you don't want to go just calmly say o.k mom or o.k dad and keep on going. That's my modo KEEP ON GOING. So remember that the SECOND STEP IS TO NEVER EVER GIVE AN ATTITUDE.
 The third step is called be caring. When your parents ask you if you want to go to the park with her do yo say "I don't care"? You are because we all say it. I DON'T CARE. It's all we say all day is I don't care. When your parents ask you a simple question you don't just say I don't care. It's either a YES PLEASE, or a NO THANK YOU. Pick one because I DON'T CARE! is not an option. Also if your parentss keep asking questions and you don't want to hear it pay attention to hem because if they ask you did you hear e and you LIE! Yes, mom. They know you will lie so pay attention and re-say what mom, or dad said so they know you were listening instead of saying I don't care. I don't care is three words that mean whatever or go away. That hurts your parents. It makes them feel like nothing to you.  So remember i don't care is Not An Option.

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