Plotting a story

Plotting a story

A Lesson by Ruby

Deciding lots of stuff for your characters and plots in your stories :)


You need to decide what species your character will be. Are they a cat? Are they a deer? Or are they just a human?

And your characters history. Were they abandoned? Or do they just live a normal life?

It's a good idea to have a twist in you story. Are they suddenly kidnapped or attacked? You decide.

The middle is probably the most difficult part. Maybe your character could be on a quest for something?

Introduce some new friends (or even enemies if you prefer) or characters to your story. Could they be just pretending to be friends, and secretly be working for an evil society?

Is it happy? Or does your main character die? Or does everyone meet again, and the good team wins the battle? Your choice. :)


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Posted 3 Years Ago

I found this helpful although i would have preferred a little more detail. Thank you for the help.
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