Writer's Block

Writer's Block

A Lesson by Dragongirl

What is it?


Writers Block

We've all had it at least once, right?
Writers Block is two things:
You start to loose interest in writing stories/poems/scripts ect. because the thought of being "bad" is coming at you.
Or, after a few sentences you start to loose ideas, making you finish the story there, but it is not really interesting due to the lack of writing and description. This is called "Writers Block".


Don't threat at all! 
My name is Dragon, and I am here to help.
It is natural to get Writers Block, and there are some simple ways to prevent your story from becoming "bad".

Though, bad isn't a word in writer's terms. 
Your story can be simply boring, that is the worst it can get to. Bad is not a word at all!
No matter what any one says, your story is the opposite of bad; as bad is just an insult that people can use. Don't worry, keep your writer inside of you.

Never Give Up
Always Try.

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Added on October 19, 2011
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