Creating a new world

Creating a new world

A Lesson by Matthew Ian Herrawood W

some think ths is easy and quick but in truth when done right it takes a bit of time and can be hard.


alot of people belive to create a world all you need is to throw together some random letters for a name and then thats your new world and you can do that but thinking more deeply about this world can give you a better story. when we talk about creating a world its not just a name of a place that has magical people and animals living in it, it is a bit like creating a charictor. what lives  in this world, any superstisons and history of this world. these are a couple of things that need to be thought about they can make the story have so much more and make the world seem much more solid.  belifes and superstiotions can create problems and fix problems for the main charictors. it can never hurt to have a rough scetch of the land to where there are cites a forest mountins. if you are saying your charictors are traveling and say they are heading east headint towards city whatever away from city whatsit you cant later say that when they had decided to head toward city whatever and turned north at city whatsit... that is but one of the advantages of having a rough idea of the landscape some people you may like to figure out some of these things while writing and just do the minimum basics at the start. thats fne too. but this world at the end will be a land that is amazing and unrestricting because it came from a place where the sky isnt the limit because there is no limit.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

This would at least have been readable if you used capital letters to start your sentences, and maybe some correct punctuation and spelling.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

unfortunatly some words are missing letters somtimes making it hard to understand some of what i say like in the lesson creating a fantasy world. i havent found the edit button yet but will fix things when i do. if there is somthing you want to know more about or want to understand ask me.
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Matthew Ian Herrawood W

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