Creating life

Creating life

A Lesson by Matthew Ian Herrawood W

How to make beasts and monsters magical creatures.


Somthing that appears in most Fantasy is a magical creature of somesort unfortunatly there is little that is original Dragons, firedrakes, vampires, werewolfs, trolls, unicorns, pegusus horses, griffions, even some of the Animals from Harry potter have been used before harry potter like the basalisk or the agromantula. They are just two examples. what we need is somthing fresh new and frightning or somthing so nice cute and cuddly it couldnt have been used before. the easisest ways to do this if you are really having trouble are simple things.


1. you have probably done this before but mixing Animals with other animals and giving them magical properties is one of the rasiest ways to create a new creature.


2. take a Fantasy creature and then make it a compleate oppisite to what they are really like for an extra twist you can keep the same name. in the example below i have done this. a fairy that is normally a creature of childrens tales has become a creture of nightmares (trust me i regretted reading my story to my younger sister) you cannot use th example as it appears in my books. Example: Fairy-long sharp claws. ears pointed like an elf skin grey no wings eats raw meat and will only drink blood. lightning fast and deadly if fighting kills for pleasure or money.


3. Possibly the best choice and my favriout is to find at least 2 cool fantasy creatures and merge them together. exactly like number 1 only with magical creatures. It was using this method i created a creature i later came to call a Gliff and a Glim (younger Gliff) which was a massive lizard like creature. this is the description i used the

-The eyes of the beast were the image of hell, claws that were 3 meters long protruded from its hand, its teeth were 5 meters long. The scales were dark red and the tail had spikes that burned all with an individual flame. It stood on its hind legs but its back was bent over-

the creatures i used to create this came from 2 diffrent books there is a creature called a Vraal in a Deltora quest 2 book 3 that is the main inspiration and there is also a Quentaris chronicals book that i cant remember the name of that gave me most of the rest the flames i remembered from somwhere else and the couler i simply chose a random couler that wasent green. then i exagerated things.


so far i havent coverd names wether that be for new worlds or now for creatures but dont worry i will cover that later.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Why do the creatures need to be something that no one has ever written about before? That's like saying that a contemporary, mainstream novel shouldn't have humans as characters - everyone does that!

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Posted 8 Years Ago

unfortunatly some words are missing letters somtimes making it hard to understand some of what i say like in the lesson creating a fantasy world. i havent found the edit button yet but will fix things when i do. if there is somthing you want to know more about or want to understand ask me.
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Matthew Ian Herrawood W

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