Using Magic

Using Magic

A Lesson by Matthew Ian Herrawood W

Youve lernt when to use Magic now lern how.


Knowing when to use magic doesnt help unless you know how. The knolage for how can help you for when. lets think a moment about how magic is used. In harry potter its magical items and wands with a certin movment and weird words spoken (or thought). in Eragon its with a symbol called the gedwey igasia and words in an ancient language in some books by Elizabeth Haydon it is through singing true names and what race you are apart of. in another book series called mistborn it is using metals. all of these (except Eragon though that may be similar) are traditional belifes about how magic works. there is another belife that comes up alot which is that of magic draining power or even your life. if it drains your life you have a decent reason to limit the use of Magic. you need to decide what your magic is and how it will be used perhaps you will use many diffrent forms maby just one or two. this is one of the asiest aspects of writing a Fantasy noval with Magic. as it is somthing Supernatrual used for doing things that would otherwise be impossible There is no limit. it is ot needed but somtimes it can be fun to go into small details for instance if your charictor uses metal for magic it may take more metal to lift a boulder than if they were to lift a rock but what would take more metal lifting a boulder or using magic to push on the ground so you go high into the air? this is perhaps a little harder. dont be afraid of writing out a scene a few diffrent times trying out what would happen depending on what magic is used this could help you decide on how magic will be used in your story.

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