Novels and Short Stories

Novels and Short Stories

A Lesson by Kay

How to write a constructive review for novels and short stories.


Many of you are wondering what exactly is a "constructive review?" A constructive review is not something that rips the writing into shreds. It isn't all praise and no bad stuff. It is more like a balance of the two. Basically, what it boils down to is this: Don't sugarcoat, but don't be mean-spirited.

Writing reviews is simpler than you think.

1) This is the most important rule: BACK IT UP. What I mean is, a review may take you half an hour to write. Write it in Word, or Notepad and then copy and paste it so if something goes terribly wrong, you can try again later.

2) Refrain from saying "Good job!" There are other means of encouragement believe it or not. Praise is perfectly fine, but try to be specific. If you like the characters, say so. If you think the dialogue is natural, say so.

3) How long should it be? A good review is typically 150 words and up depending on the length of the story. 150 words is not that much, trust me.

4) Figure out what you want your review will focus on. Will you tackle spelling and grammar mostly, or will you make suggestions for plot?

5) Be thorough, and well-rounded. Remember to aim for 150 words at the least. Try to write something other than spelling and grammar. It is important, but it is just a waste of a good review if that's the only thing in it.


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