Listen To Yourself

Listen To Yourself

A Lesson by Tray

Just read. It's common sense and something us readers do not want to read/


Okay, I will not sit here droning on and on about what to do exactly and what phrases seem to be in or out, 'cause thats not me. When writing, you have to open your self up. Listen to your inner workings and your imagination. Almost to the point of meditating, but not so much. Just somehow let your imagination run wild. Stimulate it, free it, walk it on a leash, whatever gets it talking. To a true writer, your imagination will talk to you openly all day, be your true best friend and tell you all of the things running through it's mind.

You need to listen to your imagination to get your energy running. Otherwise, you will always be reading other works all of your life, wondering where they got their ideas from. Another tip is to live like your writing, or how you want it to sound. I don't mean if your writing porn go out onto the corner outside your apartment and start selling yourself. No, the best way for you to write about your characters is to connect with them.

Only the best writer in the world can pull off their alter ego. Unless they act... Acting will actually help in the writing process as much as reading and listening to yourself. Acting will help you free yourself and become more free spirited it will also help you when your writing by letting the writing flow easier and letting you hear it spoke how you want it spoke.

Fiction is almost like lying in every way, unless the characters are based on real life and places. When you write about a character you made up, in a book you made up, you are lying without being slapped. So, lie away! It will also help, especially if you are writing sci-fi or a historical fic.

Its halfway to Midnight. Good night, I will post again soon, and remember, just because a writer hasn't proved themselves yet, does not mean they can never succeed. :)

Thank you, and good night.


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Robertsdale, AL

Hi, I am Traclyn. Tray for short. I am still in high school, but I am serious about my writing. I hope to have a dual career someday with the culinary arts. I want to specialize in pastry and hopefull..