On reviews.

On reviews.

A Lesson by The Reverend, S. D. Blankenship DD. Ph. D.

Well, this is from what I have learned.


     In some works of poetry you have to ask your self how can I review this and still not be asking myself if this writing is better or worse then the review I just gave. In some parts of the world it is an insult for someone to judge someone by their writings, and can ever lead to plagiarism.

     There are, of course, many types of bad reviews, just as there are good, or even greater reviews. Sometimes a bad review can spike up the interests in other people--just like a good review would shout out how great a writing-ship is 

Sorry to cut this short but I have to leave for the day, I'll be back with more.


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Added on December 7, 2011
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The Reverend, S. D. Blankenship DD. Ph. D.
The Reverend, S. D. Blankenship DD. Ph. D.


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