Improve Your Writing With Imagery In Any Writing

Improve Your Writing With Imagery In Any Writing

A Lesson by haymaker14

How to Improve in Just a little while!


It is always good to hook your reader, right? YES!!!!! In order to hook your reader, you may have to incorporate some Imagery into your paragraphs or stanzas or whatever. When you do imagery, you are kind of like setting the stage. For example, this is my paragraph for: A busy mall in December. IMPORTANT: NEVER TELL YOUR READER DIRECTLY WHAT YOU ARE WRITING ABOUT DURING IMAGERY! WAIT FOR THE END!!!:
            The mall was packed in tighter then a can of tuna. Children screamed and shrieked at new toys. I pounced onto the last toy for my brother. Boy do I HATE December. I felt tight, and by body could do no more. My head pounded and I looked down, knowing I had to finish what I started.
See? Incorporate imagery in EVERY PARAGRAPH POSSIBLE!!! Stay updated for the next lesson.


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Added on March 6, 2013
Last Updated on March 6, 2013
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