Free Your Inner Child

Free Your Inner Child

A Lesson by Helen Margaret Crutchett





Free Your Inner Child: Day 4



When you feel frustrated, or are stuck and not sure what to do, take out your picture of yourself as a child (or image in your head) and ask “What silly thing do you want to do right now?”

Listen to the advice, it may just help you break-free from whatever is holding you back.
Minimally it will bring a smile to your face!




Today you are invited to do something silly and fun, maybe even something that makes you laugh uncontrollably.

Here are some ideas in case you can't seem to find that "funny bone".
  1. Sing in the shower it doesn’t matter what you sing it could be itsy bitsy spider sung opera style or made up opera verses- nonsense words are fine just let your voice be loud let it open up and be silly, silly, silly.
  2. Paint like you've never painted before, for the sheer fun of it. Try using other parts of your body to paint! (see video below)
  3. Do as a child, run in cirlces, spin around for the fun of it, splash in the puddles!
  4. Record your self doing a tongue twister or other silly performance and play it back to yourself.

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Helen Margaret Crutchett
Helen Margaret Crutchett

N.S.W., Australia

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