About Ethan Paz

About Ethan Paz

A Lesson by Ethan Paz

This is an introduction as to who I am, so you know where I am coming from and that you may be better acquainted with me.


Dear reader,


     My name is Ethan Paz. I am eighteen years old and I am called to be a pastor by the will of God. I am currently a senior in high school and am ending my year with victory and tranquility. I will then start my life by working at Northland Summer Camp for the summer and in fall I will be attending Pensacola Christian College. I have one mission: to show all who Christ is and help others to further their mind how to deepen their relationship with Him.

    Now let us a rewind a bit. I grew up as a pastor's kid. I knew all the Bible stories; I heard the same old sermons from my father. One world could sum up the Christian life for me as a kid: boring! This occurred to me all the way till I was fourteen. Same old routine and no changes were the everyday lifestyle. School, church, school, church was my routine and as far as I could remember I was masking myself the whole time! When I finally woke up from this matrix, you could say, is oblivious to me. I would say fourteen or fifteen. When I actually was saved by the grace of God overshadows my memory and I can not even recall me repenting to my Lord and Savior as a child or even a teenager!

    What changed was I saw who God was: the supreme Creator of the universe and I was made to glorify Him! God did not make me so He could praise me! That is simply humanistic. I saw God's grace as it truely was: a sacrificial gift of love and I was broken to tears as I saw how I betrayed Him. Once I had seen this truth, I finally awoke from my deep sleep. Four years later I am here writing with a different purpose in mind: glorifying God.

    I am a Baptist. I believe one is saved by faith through grace in Jesus Christ alone. I believe one is saved by trusting the command of Romans 10:9. I believe no works or religious acts can save a person but only Jesus Christ. I believe the Trinity exists and I believe God created what we see and know now in six days. I believe in absolutes and that the Word of God is infallible. I believe everything that opposes the Word of God or if the Word of God is added or deducted from is absolutely false and must be strictly opposed. This is what I believe and this is what the Bible supports.

    Obviously, there is much more as to what I believe in but those are the little parts and the technical problems of rights and wrongs. If you have any questions about me or concerning the Word of God just message me and I will get back to you soon. You can contact me by my e-mail: zapstermaster@yahoo.com or just message me on my facebook page: Let us now begin the course.

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Ethan Paz
Ethan Paz

Iron River, MI

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