Poetry is Talking

Poetry is Talking

A Lesson by Ethan Paz

Poetry is like talking to your audience except fewer words and more description.


     I consider myself a novice to writing poetry but what I have learned is there are many bias' in the world. Consider this, a drug addict will not agree to the standards of Christianity. Why? Because the drug addict does not agree with Christianity. Likewise, many will enjoy the writings you write and many will not. Poetry like talking is based on perspective in a subjective or objective-way-like manner.

     You will notice that the title of this lesson is "Poetry is Talking" and it truely is. Every movie, lecture, and writing communicates something: an idea, notion, morality, a belief, and whatever I might have left out. So it is your duty to communicate your idea to your audience. The only difference between writing and speaking, in my mind, is one sounds better on paper and the other does not. Take poetry as a way to express what you want to let the whole world KNOW, what they can't live WITHOUT, and how it will change the entire WORLD!

     I say this all, for poetry is you being you. When I was a brand, new poet I used the words, "Ye, thus, thou, shalt, wilt, and all the old middle-age words." How shocked I was when someone said, "Just be yourself." I thought if I pulled a Shakespeare I might become the best poet in the entire world! The problem being I am not a Shakespeare; I am Ethan Paz!

     Poetry is you talking. Poetry isn't another writer. Poetry is your thoughts, emotions, desires, and passions written on a piece of paper. Poetry is you wanting to tell others something really important. The next time you right, ask yourself this question, "Am I being myself?"

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