French Alphabet

French Alphabet

A Lesson by RandomAuthorOverHere

Pronouncing and memorizing the French alphabet.


The French language uses the same letters as English does. However, these letters have different names and make different sounds. Take a look at the letter "a".
- The name of the letter "a" sounds like the "ay" in "hay" in English.
- The name of the letter in French sounds like "ah". (Like a sheep.)
Another example would be the letter "i".
- In French, the name of the letter "i" sounds like the "e" in the English word "sheep".
- While in English, it makes a completely different sound and has a completely different name.
Sounds complicated?
It's not. Just take a look
Here's a list of how to pronounce the names of the letters:

A = ah
B = bay
C = say
D = day
E =  euh (almost sounds like a grunt)
F = same as English
G = sh-j-ay
H = ah-sh
I = the "e" sound in "sheep"
J = sh-gee
K = kah
L = same as English
M = same as English
N = same as English
O = same as English
P = pay
Q = kue (like "q" in English but with a "k" sound)
R = air
S = same as English
T = tay
U = ew
V = vay
W = do-blah-vay 
X = eex (long "e")
Y = e-greck (long "e")
Z = zed
I  HIGHLY recommend going on YouTube and listening to the alphabet in French over and over. 

Something you should know before we go is that, letters such as the "a" make the same sound as their name. This rule applies to all letters that end in the "ay" sound in "day." Don't take it as an absolute rule, but it will help as you learn more.
Okay, I hope that wasn't too overwhelming. Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!


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