Think Backwards

Think Backwards

A Lesson by Ian Duncan Arbogast

Think backwards, you'd be surprised.


One of my most-used writing techniques is what I call "reverse thinking". It's not a very difficult method and produces interesting results for both poetry and stories alike.

For example. In standard English the sentence is this "I slowly walked down the street.", but in Reverse hinking it's this "Slowly, I walked down the street. " All you really have to do is put your verb or adjective at the  BEGINNING, and piece everything else together.

Thank you for reading this lesson.

-Ian Arbogast Age 15 2010

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Added on February 25, 2010
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Ian Duncan Arbogast
Ian Duncan Arbogast

North Ridgeville, OH

Cheers, everyone~! My name Is Ian Arbogast. I don't write much anymore, but I implore you to browse my adolescent writings and hopefully some new ones in the future! Have a nice day~!