Winning the gold Medal

Winning the gold Medal

A Lesson by ForTheWorld

its about studying tips


1. You must recite
         You don't have to be shy; its a real world and if your a loner then you can survive.
2. Study your lesson advance
         You must turn the pages of your books don't let it stuck for one school year or else, you will find it ruined by termites.
3. Don't afraid to join any contest to increase your points
         Sometimes, schools include extra curricular for the grades of students so; don't be afraid to join any of it.

....These are the things you must remember before you enter your school. List it down and do it to have a gold medal in the end. These are only the tips I can give you base on my experience and I hope I've help you..

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Added on July 8, 2010
Last Updated on July 8, 2010

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write, yeah, it is not the only thing my life is composed of, but when reality stroke really bad, it is the last I want to live without, well of course, families and air plus food and water are great ..