Lie Two: "Write What You Know!"

Lie Two: "Write What You Know!"

A Lesson by Mark

The stupidest piece of advice ever.


Let me tell you a secret— I'm not very smart.

I don't know very much about very many things (aside from grammar, reading, writing and the sort), so to me, the advice "Write what you know!" is like an insult.

Uh...I don't think anyone wants to read a novel about how much the main character knows about contemporary YA lit.

The phrase should be "Know what you write." You need to be keenly aware of what you're putting on the page/Alphasmart/word processor/cell phone. But despite what they tell you, it's okay to venture off into the unknown.

I mean, like, if Lewis and Clark didn't venture off into the unknown...well, we probably would've developed the Louisiana Purchase territory at some point.

Fantasy writers write what they don't know all the time. Actually, it's really the only thing they write— what they don't know. That's the whole point of the fantasy genre.

Tl;dr: Know what you write, but don't be afraid to venture off into the unknown.

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