Stories, We hear, Are literature...??

Stories, We hear, Are literature...??

A Lesson by CayteeGrace

In this Lesson we will be discussing how Literature is actually part, of The journalism world, How it effects everyday life


" Breaking News, Aldolf Hitler torchurs Jews" 


"Aldolf Hitler, Ruler in Germany, Part of the Yautzy group, Has been either Torchuring or Killing Jews, Many Jews have been hiding in there homes, away from the German Army"


As you can tell, Literature is coming into play. The story "Breaking News, Aldolf Hitler Torchurs Jews" has been told by a journalist, But its Literature. It effected many People Back then. And alot of People Still hear this very story in side History books.



        Another example is, "The Miss. Hinch Story"


The Miss Hinch story is also literature, Its Fundemental Literature to be exact. But it still talked about how certian things effected her everyday life...


   So that is how Literature, plays into stories we hear everyday or Historical events. How it effects Journalism.



Next weeks Lesson; Lets start Journaling!




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Hello everyone, I'm Caytee, I'm fourteen and I'm a big animal lover, writer, violinist, and I joined this group so that way I could find people who also likes to write